"Our finest day in Langkawi”

Taliz, Leeds


A special thanks to Eva and Gerd for a great day on a beautiful boat, it was the perfect way to spend a day with friends and family.
The hospitality made us feel totally at ease, please pass on our warmest regards to Jason and Kim.

The food was absolutely stunning, some of the best we had eaten in Langkawi.
We will see you again at some point.

Having left their home country , Germany, in July 2000 Eva & Gerd Zimmermann arrived in Langkawi at the end of 2005 after a near-circumnavigation on their 46’ sailing yacht DADDELDU with the idea of staying for two or three weeks. They are still here and have no plans to leave soon.

Besides the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club extending a warm welcome to all cruisers coming in from the Andaman Sea, and offering them all amenities of a state of the art marina, there are a number of good reasons to get hooked by the charm of Langkawi. Unlike many other cruising areas there are practically no hazards due to foul weather conditions in the area. Hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones belong to a different world and even during the rainy season with it’s sometimes stronger winds the 99 islands around Langkawi always offer sufficient shelter for a pleasant cruise in peace. The friendliness of the local population and, of course, of the marina staff, the availability of repair and maintenance facilities and parts, the easiness of stocking up provisions including the fact that Langkawi is duty-free, all this contributes to the attractiveness of the island.

Luckily Langkawi is still a tourist destination that has widely maintained its original character and has so far avoided most of the sins of modern tourist industry. There are nevertheless an increasing number of visitors from all parts of the world coming over to enjoy the unspoiled white sandy beaches, steep limestone cliffs and lush green forests in the countryside. After having toured the island by car visiting all the usual sightseeing spots quite a number of them desire to explore the area from the seaside, which is actually a must if one really wants to discover Langkawi’s beauty.

This is where Eva & Gerd come in again. After having found out that there is a big and as yet unfulfilled demand for sunset and full day cruises in the archipelago they set up their charter company Blue Water Star Sailing according to Malaysian law. They rented a nice representative office in the RLYC and started to develop marketing instruments targeting at the more well-to-do clientele offering exclusive private yacht charter on a discerning level. This is complemented today by equally high level yet more economical cruises on a sharing basis conducted on their recently purchased traditional Bugis schooner DAMAI INDAH.

The company has developed over time relations with an increasing number of boat owners and is today able to offer cruises for just a couple as well as for groups of up to 150 guests on their majestic three-masted barquentine LILI MARLEEN. Fishing trips on a fast motor boat with an almost guaranteed catch are another attraction recently added. In short, whatever the desire of guests may be the company has a matching proposal. All yachts offered for charter are seaworthy vessels of the highest standard and equipped for maximum comfort and safety with experienced captain and crew. On each tour lunch, dinner, snacks, fresh fruits, and an open bar with fresh juices, soft drinks, mineral water, beer, quality wines, and spirits will be offered according to the guests’ personal taste.
Whether it is for a sunset honeymoon cruise, a day out for a birthday party, a sightseeing trip to the beauties of Langkawi, with family and friends, or a company event with up to 150 guests Blue Water Star Sailing has the right ship to do it all. Everything between a half day sunset cruise and several days cruising the islands of the Andaman Sea can be organized. The choice is open for the guests.

Having established this business so far Eva & Gerd are not likely to cast off from the docks of Royal Langkawi Yacht Club in the near future.



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