I am afraid I was the only disturbing factor for them that day as I couldn’t stop calling them to ask if everything was alright. Shan and Helen joined us for surely more than 20 tours by now and are a very good team. The last tours we had done together I felt almost like a guest myself. That is quite nice for me - has only the disadvantage that I’m gaining weight.


Had one day to make the most of Langkawi and spent it on Damai Indah

Matykayo, San Francisco, CA

We were in Langkawi for a quick beach break before heading back to Singapore. We learned of Eva's boat trip at our hotel, Casa del Mar. Eva promised it would be the highlight of our stay and she did not disappoint. She's a wonderful hostess, and makes you feel as though her boat is yours as well. The passion she has for Langkawi and the sailing is infectious. She cooked an amazing dinner of various dishes including shrimp, chicken, fish and salads.... and she had a well stocked supply of cocktails, beer and wine. Other than leaving our camera behind, the day was perfect- wish we had pics to share!

Naga Pelangi

Yacht Charter Cruises in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia

Just a few days ago we had a full day cruise from the Datai with a couple. He was an American, living in Singapore, and she came from the Philippines but had already lived in the US for many years. Unfortunately I had made an important appointment in Kuala Lumpur and couldn’t join the cruise. John, our guest from Singapore, told me the evening before that he would like to surprise her and ordered the most luxurious dinner on board possible.

Due to Ramadan I had to organize the shopping very early and could only drop the shopping on the yacht and then had to hurry to get to the airport. From now onwards my crew was alone and had to proof that they where capable to handle a cruise on that level. A day a head I had ordered a flower chain made out of orchids and a fresh bouquet for the decoration of the table.

As I could only get frozen oysters I had told Shan to fry them very shortly, add a bit of Chablis, fresh grounded pepper and put them back into the shell to make them look nice. The lobster was supposed to be only fried in butter and served with boat-made mayonnaises. The caviar - served on crashed ice - was a kind of topping up next to the lobster. The soft shell crabs were prepared in a not too spicy light chilly sauce accompanied by different salads and saffron rice.

After the tour was over I called my crew again to hear that the guests ate absolutely everything, enjoyed the cruise, and killed the champagne followed by a good bottle of white wine. It must have been a success as they generously gave RM 100,- tip to each one of the crew. The Datai called me later to report that our guests were absolutely happy and had told them. This was our very best day in Langkawi!

What a relieve knowing that you (or your crew!) have done a good, a very good job! Come and join us for an unforgettable day in paradise.


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