Team building, corporate events in Langkawi, Malaysia

it has become 'fashionable' over the past to add some so-called team building activities to conventions or gatherings of businesses, schools, sports teams, religious or nonprofit organisations designed to improve team performance. Many of these fall however short of their objective and don't deserve their designation. Team building exercises consist of a variety of tasks designed to develop group members and their ability to work together effectively. - Their objectives include:

  • With team building in Langkawi you get to know each other
  • Improving communication
  • Getting everyone "onto the same page", including goal setting
  • Motivating a team building in Langkawi
  • Practicing effective collaboration with team members
  • Identifying and utilizing the strengths of team members
  • Teaching the team self-regulation strategies
  • Helping participants to learn more about themselves
    (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Improving team productivity with team building in Langkawi

The maritime environment has proven to be particularly suitable to foster these objectives by providing participants with both challenging and meaningful experiences. Taking part in the handling of a ship and 'learning the ropes' constitutes an environment that is the perfect platform for challenging participants to step out of their comfort zone, discover their true potential and learn the importance of cooperation.

Depending on the time available, the size and composition of the group as well as the targets to be attained specific activities on different vessels can be designed here in Langkawi.

Blue Water Star Sailing Sdn. Bhd., based in Langkawi, cooperates for team building in Langkawi with experienced companies and individuals who guarantee a high standard of performance through proven expertise.

Clients served include:

  • Henkel, Malaysia
  • Citibank, Malaysia
  • Range Rover, Germany
  • TESCO, Malaysia
  • Unilever, Singapore
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