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- Cruises around the legendary Langkawi  archipelago

The Langkawi archipelago with its 99 tropical islands is a natural paradise many consider as unmatched anywhere else in Southeast Asia. To discover it from the seaside offers spectacular views of unique rock formations, lush green rainforest and fine lonely beaches.

There is an abundance of routes a yacht can take depending on your preferences. Since we offer only exclusive private yacht charter it's your choice where to go and where to stop for a swim or a beach exploration. Depending on whether you choose a day charter or a sunset cruise or even a few days holiday on a yacht we can assist you with our knowledge of the area to find the right itinerary and the ideal yacht for that time.

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- Andaman Sea Discovery Cruises

If you have ever dreamt of an escape into an idyllic tropical island world your dream may become reality on a cruise in the Andaman Sea between Langkawi in the North-West of Malaysia and Phuket, Thailand. In this unique island paradise you’ll find some of the most spectacular scenery seen anywhere in the world with innumerous islands formed by stunning rock formations covered with lush green, embedded in crystal-clear warm waters lapping the unspoilt stretches of fine white sand.

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- Far-Away Cruises in the Indian Ocean

The shores of the  vast Indian Ocean touch coasts whose names could trigger your dreams of voyaging and adventures: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Chagos, Madagascar, Sumatra, Bali and the Komodo Islands are but a few destinations that may lure the more adventurous traveller. Cruises to these areas need more individual planning to adjust sailing opportunities and your requirements.

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