Kids of any age are welcome on all our tours. Some of them are keen on being active steering the boat and want to learn about sailing. Others prefer to go for swimming or just enjoy the hammock listening to their MP3.



All kids of any age love driving the dinghy as it is a fascinating experience to plane with that little boat. On a catamaran we have the nets between the two hulls and everybody loves to stay in those as they are like a trampoline above the water. Visiting the fish farm and feeding the stingrays is a special event for all of them. To hold a horseshoe crab in their own hands and take a photo gives them an additional thrill. They sometimes have to overcome a little fear but they are sooo proud once they have done it! We often experienced that kids didn’t want to go into the bat cave, especially in the evening, but they were all absolutely enthusiastic once they saw the bats and learned about them. The hideaway for the locals during the Second World War in one of the caves high up makes them shiver with excitement and some older kids have the courage to climb up to have a closer look.

Almost all kids, especially the younger ones are very shy at the beginning, but warm up during the day. We teach them a little bit about fishing, sailing and nature if they like it and they all love to hear stories we can tell about pirates. Sometimes we are lucky to see dolphins and there is no kid on this planet not being lost in excitement when these beautiful animals are to be seen. Our crew knows how to entertain them and make the day an unforgettable day. We try our best to make sure that the parents have fun themselves, too.

Food for their kids of course is every mothers concern. We are prepared for all situations. Our freshly boat made mashed potatoes are loved by all kids; we have plenty of fruits and fresh juices. No problem in case your kids have allergies or preferences; just tell us and we will do our very best to make them happy. Well, some kids prefer junk food and as it is the parents, choice we serve them whatever the parents allow them to eat. In any case you don’t need to carry your own food or milk. We are kids- friendly and very well equipped! Within all our tours we learned to understand that you can only enjoy the tour if your kids enjoy it. And as we charge you a good deal of money for the tour we will make sure that it is worth every single penny for you and your loved ones!

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Honeymoon romance while sailing to "your" private beach with a glass of champagne in your hand.


Just let your kids get the feeling of pure untouched nature or feel like a pirate exploring of a hidden lagoon.


Experience being the skipper on "your" boat and learn to sail.


Impress friends and business partners with "your" yacht.